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Old Fashioned Chicken Broth Recipe

The old fashioned chicken broth takes a little bit of time, but itas worth it. It may be one of the best things you can cook with your pantry ingredients ...

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Non-Alcoholic Spiced Apple Cider

Here is an old-fashioned recipe for making spiced apple cider. Sometimes called mulled apple cider, this hot spiced drink is traditionally served at Christmas, but is great all autumn and ...

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Traditional Bread and Butter Pudding

The best traditional bread and butter pudding recipe is by Mrs Beeton, and has been around since at least 1861. Interestingly, Mrs Beetonas cookery book has no less than 6 ...

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Apple and Blackberry Jam (Mrs Beeton)

This is Mrs Beetonas apple and blackberry jam recipe, published in her Book of Household Management in 1907. Note: this recipe is provided for information only, I have not tested ...

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Mrs Beetonas Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Mrs Beeton’s Yorkshire pudding recipe is a classic recipe used by generations of cooks. Her original recipe is for one large traditional Yorkshire pudding, but you can use the same ...

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Old Fashioned Spices and Flavorings

Here is a list and description of the spices used in 1910 by Fannie Merritt Farmer in her recipe book The Boston Cooking School Cook Book1. Condiments Condiments are not ...

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Old Fashioned Apple Betty Recipe

Ingredients 4 cups bread cubes (packed lightly in the cup) 4 cups tart apples (peeled and diced) 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup butter (melted) ...

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Mrs Beetonas Scone Recipe

Mrs Beeton’s Scone recipe is from Mrs Beeton’s Cookery Book, published in 1925. The original recipe SCONES. INGREDIENTSa1lb of flour, 1oz sugar, 2oz. of butter or fat, 2 teaspoonfuls of ...

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Bus Conductor Punished For Letting Pigeon Ride Bus For Free

Countries around the world have some strange laws. One on the books in India, however, has ruffled a few feathers...

The post Bus Conductor Punished For Letting Pigeon Ride Bus For Free appeared first on Weird Asia News.

China Builds Subway Station In The Middle Of Nowhere

Nearly everyone has experienced driving in an unknown area and accidentally turning down a dead-end street. It sucks, but that...

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North Korea Threatens to Karate Chop Off Head Of South Koreaas Ex-President

Kim Jong-un isn’t messing around. The tiny tyrant continues missile testing, including firing an ICBM, and talking about using nuclear...

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Cow Born With Human-like Head Proclaimed A God

Everything happens for a reason. At least that is the stance of one animal sanctuary owner in India. When he...

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Indian Boy Grows Second Nose On Forehead

There is the old phrase, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.” It means don’t make an overreaction...

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How Negative Thinking Can Put You on the Wrong Path of Life

Negativity is what has led most people to ruins. Evil thoughts and ideas are the results of negativity. The sad thing is, we are humans and there is no way we can do it without thinking negatively.

At times, even when you know your success is around the corner, negative thoughts still pop into your mind. Negative thinking is normal. 

The question here is, are you sinking deep into the world of negativity? When those thoughts pop inside your mind, do you allow them to take over you?

Negative thinking holds a very strong power of intimidation. Do you know what happens when you get intimidated by your thoughts? You sink deep, deep, and deep into the world of negativity. You lose your courage, confidence, and positivity! How can negative thinking put you on the wrong path in life?

You begin to lose yourself 

Your true self is the lovely you, the positive, and confident person. Yes, when you allow negative thoughts to be your day-to-day norm, you will surely lose yourself to darkness, and the positive, happy, confident side of you will begin to disappear gradually.

Self-intimidation is one of the greatest power negative thinking holds. When you sink deep into negative thinking you lose your self-worth, hope, (God is the only true hope), confidence, and most of all you push yourself too far.

You just feel not satisfied, you feel you are not good enough, you feel you are bad. You keep doing this till you sink deeper into the worst, which is aself-condemnationa.

Self-condemnation is the deepest and most sorrowful effect of negative thinking. The moment you condemn yourself is when you have lost your shield. The shield that guides you is lost.

Negative thinking makes you succumb finally

You succumb! Do you understand what it means to succumb? Since your shield is lost already, more negative thoughts will come in to push you even further. When this happens you will now begin to accept whatever comes your way.

Pains and tears will also follow, you imagine yourself, just pitying yourself. Yes, that is the power of negative thinking and that's why you should never let negative thoughts grip and overtake you.

When you succumb, your negative thoughts will transform into ideas. These are nothing Good but evil. 

A perfect illustration: A guy broke up with his girlfriend, however, the breakup affected him the most. What do you think this guy would do? Yes, he automatically taps into the world of negativity! He begins to think negatively. One negative thought can have a billion meanings. 

The result of the negative thought is this, it is either he does what he has never done before or commits suicide. He may have never taken cigarettes or weed before, he may have never taken alcohol in his life but because of negative thoughts, he will consider doing those things. That is the power of negative thinking. 

Never succumb to negative thoughts. They will surely come because of one situation or the other. You just have to stay with God, staying with God will make you stay positive.

When you succumb is when you begin to process your negative thoughts. The moment you think of doing whatever evil thing you had to think about is the moment you have finally succumbed. Have you?

Negative thinking connects you with negative people

There are over 7 billion people on Earth, however, there are too many bad people. Negative thinking connects you with negative people or bad people. Then, you now begin to share ideas till the worst happens.

You can't just think negatively. One thing or situation must have caused you to think negatively. Some people, in the process of sharing their situations or problems with others, are where they have gotten their negative ideas from.

It puts you with the wrong people at the wrong time. The final road of negativity is when you connect with even more evil people. You share ideas and do bad things together. Why? Because you lost your shield, you succumbed already!

When you connect with evil or negative people you share more thoughts and do more evil things, over and over again. You must never lose yourself to negativity. Fight, fight and fight. 

Most importantly, stand with God. There is so much joy and unending positivity and hope when you stand with God.  

Never lose yourself to mere negative thoughts, it may be hard and unbearable but negative thoughts should not be the next option. Even though they would come, even if they will press you, even when it is so painful, always love God and love yourself. There is indescribable peace and confidence when you stand in God.

Author bio:

TheThrives is a Personal development blog that writes about confidence, self-esteem, productivity, Godliness, Success, motivation, and inspiration. 

The post How Negative Thinking Can Put You on the Wrong Path of Life appeared first on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

5 Reasons You Should Start Meditating Today

Meditation isnat as complex as it sounds. Whether youare hesitant to try it or have been practicing mindfulness for years, the health benefits are the same. If youare not sure whether meditation is right for you, you should try it out and see how you feel afterward. You might find yourself wanting to learn more about the practice.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation has been practiced and studied for years. At its core, meditation allows you to reconnect with your mind, body and soul by slowing down and focusing on yourself, your breathing and your surroundings.

Around 33% of people want to learn more about meditation or start meditating through online programs. People have likely heard of the benefits but arenat sure where to start. If sitting in silence makes you uncomfortable, you could try guided meditation first.

Guided meditation is typically done through a video or in person, where someone else, usually a teacher, walks you through relaxing your body and visualizing certain scenes or events. With enough practice, youall be able to guide yourself through meditation and sit with your current surroundings.

The Top 5 Benefits of Meditation

Regular meditation leads to more health benefits than just the five listed here, but these might be the most popular reasons people meditate and practice mindfulness. By slowing down and focusing on yourself first, then on your grounded surroundings, youare teaching yourself to remain in the here-and-now.

1. Weaken Symptoms of Depression

When depression leaves you lacking motivation, meditation might be the furthest thing from your mind. However, some people have found that meditation works as well as any antidepressant. By visualizing scenes, especially of you reaching attainable goals, itas obvious to see how the symptoms of depression could lessen over time with regular meditation.

Meditation can help you set goals and work much like affirmations. By getting more in-tune with your inner self, youall start to realize what you need and desire. From there, you can begin working toward a life that will cultivate happiness, all while practicing gratitude for the one you currently live.

2. Increase Brain Size

Some research indicates that meditation could increase your brain size. You would then be able to develop your intelligence more efficiently and foster greater creativity within yourself. Whether this benefit is true for everyone might be up for debate, but having the chance to grow your knowledge and expand your thinking through meditation seems like a good opportunity.

3. Slow Cognitive Decline

Meditation and mindfulness, if practiced regularly, can help fight against degenerative diseases like Alzheimeras. Older folks show greater brain activity and stimulation when meditating than without any other form of treatment. Keeping your brain sharp by allowing it to focus on the things that matter is key to staying young, in a sense.

Because the brain tends to dull a bit as you get older, itas important to remain sharp as the years go by. Meditation is a great way to take account of your current mind and bodily functions. By consistently monitoring how youare feeling and taking time to evaluate your current state, youall begin to notice earlier if anything starts to slip.

4. Improve Focus

Concentrating on meditation and living in the present improves your focus, as you can live more in the world around you rather than inside your own head. Meditation seeks to connect you with your body so you can sense what you need and how to better take care of yourself. By setting aside time to meditate and regulating your intentions for the day, youall be more prepared to achieve the dayas goals and fully experience everything around you.

5. Reduce Stress and Boost Mood

Most people practice meditation to decrease their stress and lessen their anxiety, which might be why itas often attributed to younger generations, like college students. Regular meditation and staying mindful can transform your mindset from negative to positive and remind you to be grateful for every opportunity that comes your way. 

Feeling negative emotions is vital to the human experience, but so are looking for the bright side and learning how to regulate stress properly. If there were never a silver lining on any cloud, life would be gray instead of colorful. 

Meditating can help you discover the silver linings on some of your clouds, and the designated time to let your mind wander can help you brainstorm solutions to current problems without even trying.

Meditate and Manifest a Better Life

Meditation doesnat take a lot of effort a you just have to be willing to set aside time in your busy day to reconnect with yourself. Sitting in silence might not be your go-to, but after a few instances of guided meditation, you may be ready to move on and lead your own mindfulness session.

Along with reducing stress and the risk of cognitive decline, youall find that meditation is also simply relaxing. While you might be fidgety at first, eventually, youall ease into the silence and feel more comfortable sitting alone with yourself and getting in-tune with your body and priorities. You could even manifest your best life and provide yourself with the motivation to make it happen.

Kara Reynolds is the Editor-in-Chief and founder ofA Momish Magazine. Mom and step mom living her best life while managing anxiety and normalizing blended families. She enjoys pilates, podcasts, and a nice pinot grigio.A

The post 5 Reasons You Should Start Meditating Today appeared first on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

How to Find Your True Professional Path

Figure this out; an average career person spends most of his or her waking time at work. Even when relaxing away from work, the thoughts keep wandering back to work matters. If it happens that the work feels boring or unsatisfying, it can easily take a toll on that personas physical and mental health. Just thinking of tolerating long hours of mundane tasks, or thinking of waking up the next day to a dreadful job can lead to frustration, stress, or even depression. In addition, it can be very difficult to advance in such a career.

That is why leading a meaningful, fulfilling and lifelong career path is very important for your overall well-being.

However, finding your true career path is easier said than done. Many factors come into play when settling on a career path. There is your passion, childhood dreams, family expectations, and the need to pay for bills, just to mention but a few.  

Considering all these, how do you find your true professional path? Here are 4 steps that you can take to discover the career path that is right for you.

  1. Assess your 4Ps

Your career path should be shaped around your passion, preferences, personality, and principles. Put these four elements into considerations when choosing your professional path.

Doing something that you are passionate about will make you happy in your work. It will give you a sense of a purpose and you will have an inner drive that will push you forward. If you are lucky enough to combine your profession with your passion then it will not feel like work, it will be more of a pleasure. Moreover, not only will you make a living out of it, but your job will give meaning to your life. 

When it comes to preference, you would thrive better doing something in the nature of what you prefer. For instance, do you prefer working full time or on a flexible schedule? Or, do you prefer working in an office setup or the outdoors? Do you prefer to work with your hands or be in front of a laptop? Do you like having a setup plan or going with the flow? Keep all these questions in mind when you are considering future career choices.  

Your personality would also matter in that if you are the reserved type or an introvert, you can find it hard to work well with people. Taking up a career where you donat have to deal with a lot of people would be your best bet. On the other hand, if you are a lively extrovert you will feel energized by being around big groups of people. If you have an artistic mind you will succeed in more creative fields, whereas analytical minds would feel better if they have to deal with numbers. 

Lastly, we all have life principles that we live by. Your right career path should align with and enhance your principles in life. If altruism is crucial in your life, you should find careers that make a difference in the world and help people. Similarly, if you feel strongly about social justice, you might consider working for different human rights organizations that are in alignment with your life principles.

You can take personal assessment tests online to discover your 4Ps.

2.      Make a list of your options

After discovering your passion, preferences, personality, and principles, write down career options that match these four. For passion, think of the things that you can do even if you were not paid. Your hobbies should give you a good place to start from. For preference, write down career options that align with what you prefer in a day-to-day work environment. Do the same for your personality and principles. The idea here is to come up with an exhaustive list in order to make sure that you donat leave any stone unturned.

3.      Find an overlap

After coming up with a long list of career options, you need to start narrowing down to the one that is truly right for you. This is the point where you need to find your career sweet spot. This is the point where what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, and what the world or employers need come into an intersection.        

In the list that you have, think of what you are good at in terms of skills. Think of what you enjoy doing in terms of interests. Finally, put into consideration that one of the goals of being a career person is to make a living out of your work. Research on whether the careers that match what you are good at and what you enjoy have a demand in the job market. If there is no demand for it, are there ways that you can monetize them and make money out of them?

Settle on a career where the three overlap seamlessly.

4.      Develop your skills

After settling on a single career path, now is the time to assess and develop your skills necessary to succeed in it. If you are already working in that line of work, you can use your current position to take advantage of on-the-job-training opportunities to develop your skills further. You can also look out for internship positions or places you can volunteer to have a glimpse of the day-to-day work, and hone your skills while at it.

The post How to Find Your True Professional Path appeared first on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement.

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IIHS Study: Advanced Safety Features Offer Significant Benefits for Teen Drivers

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has conducted a study on how the broader implementation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and other driving aids in new cars can mitigate or prevent up to three-quarters of fatal crashes involving teenage drivers. Even though active safety features like lane departure warning and frontal collision avoidance are beneficial for everyone, the study finds that advanced crash avoidance technologies are particularly relevant to teen drivers. aWe know these technologies donat stop 100 […]

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7 Best Options for Bad Credit Car Loans (2021)

You can get bad credit car loans from a variety of banks, credit unions, and loan companies. Compare offers to find reasonable auto loans even with poor credit.

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